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The more so as such improvement is hard to achieve due to tough conditions for any BT audio codec: But no matter what was behind the CSR decision to use some other codec in addition to mandatory and pretty acceptable SBC, the choice of apt X looks logical from audio quality perspective.This family of codecs are successfully used in professional audio since 1990s thanks to their low complexity and absence of psychoacoustic masking.

Finally UK based semiconductor company CSR, which already had experience in developing and manufacturing of BT chips, did this.Many phones, laptops and BT transmitters can send apt X stream: They allow to make the required recordings but in the least convenient way: some device has to send apt X stream to the dongle and computer should capture decoded stream in digital. Also there is no absolute certainty that apt X-enabled USB dongles can receive apt X stream in addition to sending it (the latter is explicitly stated in specs).For example apt X-enabled Mac Books can only send the stream.In “High Quality” mode (@328kbit/s) it is on a par with ATRAC SP (Type-R, @292kbit/s) compression algorithm which is used in Minidisc recorders/players.

In “Middle Quality” mode (@229kbit/s) it is roughly comparable with [email protected]/s or [email protected]/s.

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