Cornell dating scene

29-Jul-2017 22:45

If the weather's not nice, which is most of the time, then you're fuck out of things to do.

One thing that's actually fun about Cornell is wine tours, an event in which a methed-out bus driver will transport you between 2-3 vineyards, where you will sit in a field and photograph yourself looking shitfaced au naturale.

Compared to most schools, Cornell's greek life is on par with the fun-ness level of the 'This Is' video.

Regardless, being part of Greek life is really the only way to go if you want to have a social life, though it's completely unnecessary to be involved in your sorority past sophomore year, outside of going to mixers and getting your house banned from any and all formal venues.

Alternatively you could go to Six Mile Creek which is five minutes away, optimal timing to blaze in the green hornet.

Winter: It's too fucking cold to do anything except sit in your apartment, but since most people at Cornell love to feel productive, they will probably go to Mann 3rd floor to people-watch/excessively refresh facebook while on Adderall.

If you go here during the day, you will want to kill yourself and more importantly your waiter.

Dunbars: For the GDI who wants to listen to jukebox tunes and end the night smelling like urine. If you go on any other night and/or dance on the pole you're either weird or a hot Asian. Conveniently located down the worst hill imaginable.

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"Hotelies," as they call themselves, are sorted into totalitarian class blocks and forced to don suits every Friday morning of freshman fall.

Arts: Comprised of private school kids and those with a genuine interest in native american folklore; the abroad problem (see below) Engineering, Architecture: Always doing work, no one knows them. Then there are the elite Asians who drive BMWs, live in 312, are part of the underground Asian frat scene, and won't refrain from speaking their dialect of origin very loudly in the elevators.