Debt consolidating finance people bad credit

12-Oct-2017 18:42

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At ALC we make it easy for our customers by taking their debts and rolling them into one with lower repayments and flexible terms.Unfortunately, many Australians who are overwhelmed by their debts can find themselves missing monthly repayments.Some loans, such as the Federal Perkins Loan, are backed by the Government, so your credit will not be checked.

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Explain that you've been laid off but still wish to pay your bills.

You're up to your eyeballs in debt and your credit is shot.

The layoff you experienced a few months ago has taken a toll.

Take a good long look at your current financial situation and determine if you truly need to go this route.

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Realize that, despite what these companies insist, there are other options. If you receive unemployment benefits, this will help because some (although very few) lenders actually consider it income.Ask if they are willing to work out a revised payment schedule and offer to pay a lesser amount than normal until you find a job.