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If you meet the above requirements then you can write an application for the release of the birth records. You should also ensure that you write a personal check or a bank draft in the name of the respective department.

Depending on whether you were born before 1923 or after, you submit the application to either the New Jersey State Archives at the Division of Archives and Records Management on 185 West State Street, CN 307, Trenton, NJ 08625-0307 or the New Jersey Vital Statistics Customer Service Unit, P. New Jersey death records and other such vital records are part of the Department of Health and Senior Services.

Certified copies are considered a legal document, and can be used to supply proof of death to insurance companies or relationship regarding property inheritance.

Certifications, however, are printed without the seal, and without the specialty paper.

The New Jersey court system provides for many online services when individuals as well as attorneys are looking for filing and case information.

The state's judicial system's court resources offer cases involving criminal convictions of felony and misdemeanors.

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New Jersey State law does not consider death records and other vital records, public information. New Jersey offers multiple levels of death records, including certified copies, which bare the raised seal of the state of New Jersey, and issued on a special type of paper.

From 1923 onwards the storage facility was shifted to New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry.

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