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04-Aug-2017 06:27

If company actions are efficient, the measurement date would be the same as the grant date, and no compensation cost is recorded.

More often than not, due to procedures such as the signing of the resolution by the directors, the measurement date would be at a later date than the grant date.

The performance of contracts is guaranteed by the clearing house associated with the exchange which eliminates any possibility of default.

In recent years some exchanges have introduced so-called FLEX option contracts which allow investors to tailor certain terms of a contract.

Furthermore, the form is required to be filed only "on or before the 45th day after the end of the issuer's fiscal year" (Securities and Exchange Commission, n.d.).

This essentially means that if the stock options were granted early in the fiscal year, investors would not come to know of them until almost 1 year later, giving more leeway for insiders to manipulate the date on which the exercise price was established.

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For instance in a company’s stock, time does affect the theories because the process of calculating option pricing takes a long time or is done after several years (Coval, 2001). The most culpable form of backdating involves "intentionally changing the date used to set an option's exercise price to one on which the stock's price was at a low" (Ellsworth et al., 2006).

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