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The Cancer Experience Registry is a place where the individual and the collective voices of patients, survivors and caregivers can be heard.

Amazing cars, iconic posters, pictures, and a sprawling underground lair called the vault.

Our filter settings allow you to define your search to exactly what you’re looking for in Mr or Mrs Right.

She is the one that did that "e Harmony video profile" last year that received more then 20 million views because of how she talked about cats.

Top 10 Best Dating Sites offers a tool for people to make an informed choice regarding which dating site to use.

The site offers reviews of several dating sites, including side-by-side and ranked comparisons of different sites.

(Online Dating Newsletter) The new TV series Dating in the Dark (ABC Monday nights) provides some interesting psychological insight into how people act when they get to know each other without seeing a picture first.

Every person impacted by cancer has a unique story and experience to share.

We love helping new home buyers attain the dream of homeownership.

It’s a useful tool for anyone that’s interested in trying out online dating without knowing where to begin.

Top 10 Best Dating Sites is transparent about the fact that it does make money by linking to affiliate carved out a reputation as the best online dating site for marriage-minded singles to find their true match, and reviewers say it's well-deserved.

You can use some of the batch file tricks and psexec like we talk about over in the Friends in Tech Thread.

Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer.This is something you would do if you use the remote install utility.

Or, sometimes if we’re lucky enough we may actually have been in one of the situations already or fingers crossed may be involved in in the future.… continue reading »

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From the moment of that sudden vision of herself and God, the saint's interior state seems never to have changed, save by varying in intensity and being accompanied by more or less severe penance, according to what she saw required of her by the Holy Spirit Who guided her incessantly. Yet their joy in God does by no means abate their pain. Of the saint's outward life, after this great change, her biographies practically tell us but two facts: that she at last converted her husband who died penitent in 1497; and that both before and after his death -- though more entirely after it -- she gave herself to the care of the sick in the great Hospital of Genoa, where she eventually became manager and treasurer.… continue reading »

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